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I like to imagine that when you start to use MSpaint instead of your normal drawing program, it means that Foo drew the image itself rather than respond with like a webcam or something

((big throwback to foo the artist))

Yer s’dern cute



hey, could i be a butt and ask if you could promo my foo fighters ask blog? it’s sometimesfoofighters and i try to post something at least every few days. also i’m kinda beholden to you cause you’re one of my big inspirations for wanting to do the blog in the first place cause i love this blog so much and foo needs more love and recognition


please go follow this other foo!!!! @sometimesfoofighters
they’re updated more than me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

is there more than 1 mod on this blog now or just ocean?

((nah it’s just me, mod ocean, hello 👋))


jpartspace replied to your photo i just realized shes wearing…

replied to your photo

i just realized shes wearing Jolyne’s pants

hi mod, i want to make the ff born to die world is a fuck into a shirt. is that alright with you?

((yeah im chill with that! just please don’t go selling the design and make cash off of my hardwork. (even if it’s just a dumb meme remake.)))

what’s mod’s favorite thing to do while running the foo blog?

(( redrawin’ memes ? ))

thank you for drawing cool foo fighters, she always looks so bubbly and cool!

((UR WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! I DO MY BEST FOR ALL OF U!!!!!!!!!!!! ٩(๑꒦ິȏ꒦ິ๑)۶))

Hey there i wanna say that i love your art and think your blog is really cool and i hope you have a good day!

((thank you <:’’’3c ur too sweet! i hope u have a good day too!!))