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Yer s’dern cute



hey, could i be a butt and ask if you could promo my foo fighters ask blog? it’s sometimesfoofighters and i try to post something at least every few days. also i’m kinda beholden to you cause you’re one of my big inspirations for wanting to do the blog in the first place cause i love this blog so much and foo needs more love and recognition


please go follow this other foo!!!! @sometimesfoofighters
they’re updated more than me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


jpartspace replied to your photo i just realized shes wearing…

replied to your photo

i just realized shes wearing Jolyne’s pants






warmup painting/doodle of @occasionalfoofighters bc…

warmup painting/doodle of @occasionalfoofighters bc uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im love them???????????

its been 1 year since i made this blog and i’m really happy that…

its been 1 year since i made this blog and i’m really happy that i made the blog

to celebrate i redrew the very first post on the blog (no celebratory words bc i felt this was nicer <:3c)

along with this being the 1 year anniversary since the making of the blog i also hit 1,000 followers some time ago! thank you for 1,000 followers everyone! i’m very grateful to have so many people enjoying the content i produce!!
i had something bigger planned but it’s quite the project so it’ll be set up for another milestone, i guess. <:’3c

anyways, the blog was made on June 29th after me, being conflicted, had been encouraged by a friend and like 2 other people to create the blog. i really didn’t expect the blog to get this popular in such little time as i only used it as a little place where i could post foof doodles that were different from my main art style.

over time i had met a lot of amazing people! a lot of them being artist that i looked up to now turned into friends that i enjoy the company of.
i am forever grateful to be friends with all these absolutely amazing people, as they continue to inspire me day after day!

i would like to thank every single one of my followers and everyone of the daily/bd/poorly/ect community who has made running this blog such an enjoyable experience for me. thank you once again and i hope i can continue to provide wonderful foof content for everyone!! ???

i love you all and thank you again for such a wonderful 1st year!

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