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I like to imagine that when you start to use MSpaint instead of your normal drawing program, it means that Foo drew the image itself rather than respond with like a webcam or something

((big throwback to foo the artist))

Yer s’dern cute



is there more than 1 mod on this blog now or just ocean?

((nah it’s just me, mod ocean, hello 👋))

hi mod, i want to make the ff born to die world is a fuck into a shirt. is that alright with you?

((yeah im chill with that! just please don’t go selling the design and make cash off of my hardwork. (even if it’s just a dumb meme remake.)))

what’s mod’s favorite thing to do while running the foo blog?

(( redrawin’ memes ? ))

thank you for drawing cool foo fighters, she always looks so bubbly and cool!

((UR WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! I DO MY BEST FOR ALL OF U!!!!!!!!!!!! ٩(๑꒦ິȏ꒦ິ๑)۶))

Hey there i wanna say that i love your art and think your blog is really cool and i hope you have a good day!

((thank you <:’’’3c ur too sweet! i hope u have a good day too!!))

Im not even close to part 6 (ive barely started part 5) but thanks to this blog i think i already have a favorite character


((i’m so happy to know that this blog got you to love foo before even meeting them yet!! i hope you enjoy their moments when you get to part 6!))

What are you doing with jotaro’s hat


i dunno what ur talking about