“I thought I would do a Foo Fighters song that’s usually performed by our drummer Taylor Hawkins…the hot one.
I’ve never loved a man like I love Taylor Hawkins. I don’t want to SAY he’s the love of my life…because you know those annoying couples who are both the people who are exactly alike? It’s like, “No, I know why you like that person, it’s because you’re in love with yourself”. That’s how I feel about Taylor Hawkins. I’m gonna play one of the songs I don’t even know the words to so…i’ve got to see – if anybody can put this on YouTube so I can forward the link to Taylor, that’d be awesome. I’d appreciate that very much – he hates the attention.
This song is off…one of our records, I don’t know which one it is, it’s called…‘Cold Day in the Sun’, are there Foo Fighters people here who know this song? This song’s for my love…my boo…Taylor Hawkins.”

— Dave Grohl, Notes + Words, Oakland 2018